GE Security's Mass Notification/Emergency Communications Solution Sets Industry Benchmark

GE Security, a business of GE Enterprise Solutions, announced its EST3-Sixty Mass Notification/Emergency Communications (MNEC) solution, which provides new levels of protection and communications access to people in educational, military, industrial, commercial and other facilities of any size. EST3-Sixty is the world's first MNEC system to achieve the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) new mass notification standard.

As the first such system listed by Underwriters Laboratories to their new UL 2572 Mass Notification standard, EST3-Sixty charts new territory. The system offers a unique combination of field-proven crisis management tools and the latest Voice-over-IP (VoIP) and fiber optic communications. EST3-Sixty integrates protection and notification systems to utilize multiple forms of communication including paging systems, fire alarms, electronic signage, e-mail notifications, computer pop-ups, text messaging and other means for communication.

“GE Security's EST3-Sixty redefines mass notification by introducing more reliability, compatibility and flexibility to organizations,” said Ted Milburn, Product Marketing Manager for the Americas, GE Security. “No matter how large or dispersed, EST3-Sixty allows organizations to manage a diverse range of crises including natural disasters, fires, environmental accidents, health hazards, workplace violence and terrorist threats.”

EST3-Sixty's listing to the new Underwriters Laboratory 2572 standard provides a verifiable benchmark against which ultimately all MNEC systems will be based. The UL standard evaluates not only each EST3-Sixty component, but more importantly, how the system functions as a whole, and under varying operating conditions.

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