New Albany Housing Authority Relies on Brivo for Improved Security

Brivo Systems, a provider in web applications for access control and security systems, announced that the New Albany Housing Authority (NAHA) has deployed the Brivo system in its three high-rise residence buildings, providing enhanced security for more than 330 housing units. Logical Innovations is the integrator for this ongoing installation.

On any given day, there are more than 700 residents, staff, and guests passing through the doors to the three residential high-rise buildings at NAHA's federally subsidized housing development. Prior to installing the Brivo system, NAHA employed a touch key access system, but that system was cumbersome and extremely inefficient. “We experience a sizable amount of resident turnover at our buildings,” said Bob Lane, Executive Director of NAHA. “Every time we wanted to update our resident lists, we had to literally take a laptop to each building door to perform the operation. We wasted a lot of time and effort. We knew there had to be a better system to meet our needs.”

The NAHA has residents who range in age from 18 up to 100 in its high-rise buildings. Each building caters to a slightly different age population with many elderly, independently living, residents. “One of the buildings is close to the Ohio River and is also near a busy interstate highway. Safety is a major concern for many of our older residents and so is convenience,” said Lane. “If you're coming home with an armful of groceries, have a walker, or are in a wheelchair, this system is so much easier for our residents to operate.”

The new Brivo system provides an audit trail of all entrances and exits. NAHA staff can now update and manage the system remotely, and it is integrated with Speco DVRs to provide video images to complement the powerful access control solution. Lane continued, “Not only is the Brivo system much more efficient, our residents feel safer in their homes. Relatives of our residents tell us they feel the buildings are safer for their family members.”

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