TVT's Continuous R&D Capabilities Backup it's Success

TVT Digital Technology was established in 1999 in Shenzhen, China and has been dedicated to provide reliable products with non-stop research and development investment. TVT has 10 years of experience and robust R&D accumulation in making standalone DVRs, compression cards and video multiplexers. Mike Kwo, GM of TVT Digital Technology, shares more with A&S readers about his R&D plans and the advantages of the company.

To a company, 10 years is not a very long period. However, to TVT, it is a major milestone. 2007 was a critical period for TVT. That year, the company invested a great deal in R&D, migrating from MPEG-4 to H.264 compression formats. Meanwhile, TVT reshuffled its structure and personnel in order to form a better organization, to respond quickly to ever changing market requirements.

" Between 2007 and 2008, we went through many changes and difficulties," said Mike Kwo, GM of TVT Digital Technology.
“To be a leading DVR supplier, we aimed to keep our products ahead of the industry. While most manufacturers were selling DVRs with MPEG-4 algorithms, we already knew that standard H.264 would be the next generation product."

Judging from its attempt to not only keep up to date with industry trends but also remain one step ahead of everyone else, TVT is not a typical " me-too " company. With precise insights of the industry and in-house R&D capabilities, TVT was the first company in the industry to launch full range of standard H.264 DVR in China. In 2008, TVT completed its full product lines with three series of DVRs, from entry-level to high-end applications, and offered totally more than 20 models featuring H.264 technology.

Since then, TVT has become one of the fastest developing Chinese companies. Today, it offers not just DVRs, but also digital video server (DVS), network cameras as well as central management software (CMS). The company aims to be a top supplier, providing the best contemporary performance products in China and worldwide. 

R&D Expertise
TVT has been experiencing great growth since its establishment. As always, there exists a key factor to back up a company's tremendous growth - in TVT's case it is its in-house R&D capabilities. " Compared to other different background companies," said Kwo, " we may not be able to compete in engineer numbers.
However, our 70 engineers have good education in their respective fields; most of them graduated from notable universities with Bachelor's, Master's and PHD degree."

" We invest approximately US $300,000 in R&D every year," Kwo explained. " Our R&D group is divided into several groups - PC-based software, Embedded firmware, Network-based software/firmware and video algorithm research teams. We now have the core technologies of video algorithms, video recording, management software and network transmission."

Though the global economy remains in shambles, it has not slowed down TVT's R&D plans. In Kwo's perspective, there are several R&D schedules prepared for this year. He pointed out that TVT plans to strengthen its existing products this year, bettering quality and lowering cost.

" We intend to develop a new product for high-end applications," Kwo added. " This product will feature TI's latest DaVinci DSP platform, capable of supporting network cameras and hybrid signals, and provide high resolution (1080P) and powerful intelligent analytics (cooperating with ObjectVideo)." He emphasized that future DVR trends would be: high resolution, networking, digitalization and intelligent analytics.

New Generation DVR — 25-Series
The latest TVT DVR 25-series offers D1 resolution, combining DSP and ASIC together. DSP has better capability in processing critical functions,
such as intelligent analytics and video compression of digital or analog signals, while ASIC provides better total functionality and has a cost advantage.

Even though D1 resolution DVRs are not yet popular in China, let alone worldwide, it still reflects Kwo's aim to keep the company's technology ahead of the  game.

Product Enhancement
TVT's products offer a unified user interface, regardless of it being a first generation or the latest innovation item. Alongside, TVT's PCB boards all use the same platform and software as well. These designs are highly appreciated by all users, seeing as new interfaces and platforms are unnecessary.

Software capability is a serious concern for most buyers, for few Chinese manufacturers can provide ease-of-use and practical software." Our in-house
software engineers are robustly capable of designing new functions," said Kwo." For example, our software has supported mobile surveillance functions for four years. Additionally, we will soon offer new functions supporting iPhone, Blackberry as well as POS. Customers are more than welcome to use our added functions."

To Kwo, TVT provides only the most stable products. From components procurement to product testing, TVT has a strict process and management procedure. Taking the latest 25-series DVR as an example, Kwo pointed out that it takes six months to make sure the product is fully reliable. " We test 160 DVRs at the same time," Kwo explained. “We run every single one for 60 days, with recording and playback operating simultaneously."

" With our strict testing procedures, we are confident that our products are durable, and our customers respect us for our quality. Good quality and reliable products also reduce our maintenance fees and this is critical because CCTV products run 24/7 and DVR has been used as witness to certain circumstances, plus we distribute our products all over the world, a small problem in the product may lead to a big disaster."

2009 Goals
With 80 percent of the company's revenue derived from their overseas market, it is clear that TVT's global footprint is well-established. This year, TVT is aiming to build a tighter relationship with customers and provide better service.

" With ongoing R&D technologies, TVT is capable of responding to our partners' requirements as well as to the market," said Kwo." I believe that only by providing stable and cost-effective products can satisfy customers and leverage their existing systems."

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