OFK's New Generation WDR Camera Credited at IFSEC

OFK Technologies, a Shenzhen-based professional video surveillance manufacturer, recently showcased its newly launched wide dynamic range (WDR) camera at IFSEC. This new product features an advanced image sensor - Sony SS3 - capable of higher resolution and crystal clear images in high contrast surroundings.

Buyers from IFSEC appreciated OFK's new generation WDR camera for its high resolution and clear images even under strong backlight. " Visitor from Sanyo-Video Germany has told me that high resolution is surprisingly impressive,” said Anson Kong, Sales Director at OFK Technologies. " While he saw the image, he even thought it is megapixel and hardly believe that it is a product of made-in-China.” Moreover, Kong pointed out that other visitors, such as OSEC Holland and some local U.K. installers, gave this new WDR camera the good credits - excellent color restoration, ease of use and easy installation. " Not only does our camera accommodate difficult lighting issues, it is also vandal-proof and infrared," Kong added. " Meanwhile, our super mini vandal-proof dome and IR cameras are adored for its stylish design as well as ease of use for operation and installation."

New Generation WDR Camera
The purpose of the WDR feature is to accurately represent a wide range of intense light variations found in real life situations, ranging from direct sunlight to the deepest shadows. This technology is not new to the security industry; there are dozens of Chinese manufacturers boasting WDR capability. However, OFK features Sony SS3 DSP while most other Chinese suppliers use other solutions. " There are too many me-too products in WDR category," said Ouyang Xiangping, founder of OFK Technologies, “therefore, we want to differentiate ourselves. Using Sony's DSP not only gives truly WDR performance, but also high resolution which is even better than any existing WDR cameras on the market.

"OFK's new generat ion wide dynamic camera features revolutionary and innovative imaging processing technology, offering great advantages over all in high light contrast environments, and can even see brighter areas from being positioned in dark locations,” he added.

Ouyang pointed that Sony's DSP is user friendly; users do not spend too much time adjusting camera, only turning WDR on/off. Besides, Sony's DSP offers the best quality in natural color response, high restoration and better performance in S/N ratio. With 128X wide dynamic range, this new camera can capture sharp and crystal clear images not only in the foreground, but also in the scenario of strong light background.

OFK's new WDR camera also features Sony's double scan CCD, delivering 580 razor sharp lines of high resolution at an impressive 0.002-lux rating, which allows for greater exposure to dynamic ranges of light than what normal digital imaging offers. It features removable mechanical IR-cut filter for true day/night surveillance. With on-screen display (OSD), it offers a simple system to help users select the right options for installations. Furthermore, it supports motion detection as well as eight areas of privacy masking, and enables 256X digital zoom.

Ensuring Product Quality
From raw material selection to testing, OFK follows a series of procedures. With years of experience in the procurement of raw material, OFK meticulously oversees its products from the very start of production. Additionally, OFK has partnered with a professional PCBs provider for years. Ouyang stressed, " We know how important PCBs play a role in video surveillance products.
Hence, initially, we tested them to see if they can provide quality PCBs for our cameras, then provided them with the proper training.

With finished products we run several tests, including 72 hours of aging testing, electric current check-ups, lens inspection and even inspection before packaging."
For after sales services, OFK provides a two-year warranty to its customers. Ouyang emphasized that two years may not be considered long where warranties are concerned, however, products are replaced under any circumstances, even in the event that users or installers damage the product from personal mishandling. If products in question are no longer in store, based on customers' product requirements, OFK will replace it with an even better product to uphold its promise.
OFK launches new products on a regular basis. Next in line, network cameras will be offered within the year.

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