Organizational Adjustments in Gunnebo

Gunnebo Security Group's organization has been adjusted with effect from June 5, 2009. The adjustments have been made in order to form a Group Executive Team reflecting the business and to create a simpler, more direct reporting structure in the Group.

“My main ambition with the adjustments is to create a platform for co-operation and team work. The adjustments are not dramatic, we will continue to do business as usual in a new, more business focused consolidated structure built on the current platform,” stated Per Borgvall of President and CEO for Gunnebo.

In brief, the adjusted organization means fewer direct reports to the CEO, a new organizational unit gathering Competence Centers under one umbrella - Operations - and the creation of three regions: North Europe, South Europe and Rest of the World, gathering together all Customer Centre sales operations.

“In the former organization, I had sixteen direct reports, which is not efficient, and the reporting structure for top management was generally very fragmented and complex. Also, the Group Executive Team did not mirror Gunnebo's daily business which is a necessity going forward,” said Per Borgvall. “Furthermore, our Competence Centers need to be coordinated in order to share the cost agenda, which will now be done under the new organizational unit Operations.”

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