Agent Video Intelligence and Vivotek Announce Integration of Video Analytics and IP Edge Devices

Agent Video Intelligence (Agent Vi) announced cooperation with VIVOTEK to integrate Agent Vi's advanced video analytic software with select IP devices by VIVOTEK. The integrated solution will enable the implementation of Agent Vi's video analytics capabilities on IP surveillance networks which utilize VIVOTEK video servers and network cameras. Such video analytics solutions are increasingly becoming mandatory requirements for surveillance applications such as security, safety, traffic, retail, and more.

“We are constantly expanding the offering of our video analytics integrations, and by completing the recent integration with VIVOTEK, we are able to present to the market yet another state of the art, high-performance video analytics solution for IP networks, at attractive price levels,” said Ariel Frischoff, VP of Sales for EMEA and APAC at Agent Vi.

“The integration of VIVOTEK products with Agent Vi's video analytic software will keep us ahead of the competition in the IP surveillance market. With more powerful content analysis capability, VIVOTEK's IP solutions can be used for more demanding applications.” said Owen Chen, Chairman of VIVOTEK.

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