Digital Watchdog Announces World's Smallest WDR Dome Camera

Production of the world's smallest WDR security dome camera was announced by Kaltech Enterprises d.b.a. Digital Watchdog, a manufacturer of video security solutions featuring high-performance video cameras and digital recording. Weighing less than eight ounces with a surface area of only 80 by 42mm, Digital Watchdog's MC355T offers exceptional WDR and low-light sensitivity for harsh lighting environments. The micro dome incorporates Digital Pixel System technology developed by Pixim, a provider of image sensors and processors for enterprise security cameras.

"The micro dome's small size makes it appealing for any application where a visually attractive yet unobtrusive camera is required," says Wade Thomas, president of Digital Watchdog. "Even more importantly, the camera is powered by a Pixim chipset, an all-digital solution that captures actionable images in any lighting conditions-the most critically important function of any security camera."

This true day night camera automatically adjusts for optimal daytime and nighttime viewing with a movable IR filter switch mechanism. Additional features include ultra low-light sensitivity, high resolution, and onscreen menu display. Programming of all functions can be easily managed using the camera's integrated joystick.
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