Pelco Wipes out Certification Requirements for Endura Encoders

Pelco announced that it has removed the Endura certification requirement for selling Endura NET5301T and NET5308T Encoders. Now, Pelco's line of Endura IP video encoders is also available for use with non-Endura recording and management devices.

This is good for customers who want more choices for keeping their existing analog dome cameras while migrating to IP video transmission and recording. The NET5300-series of high performance encoders generate two streams of MPEG-4 compressed video, each at up to 4CIF resolution and 30/25IPS, from each camera input. The encoders feature bi-directional audio support, built-in motion detection, and support the Pelco P, D, and coaxitron PTZ protocols.

This is also good for Digital Sentry customers who want to use Pelco encoders in their installations. The just-released Digital Sentry version 4.2 introduced support for NET Series encoders (NET5301T & NET5308T) from Pelco, as well as all Sarix-based network cameras and Pelco KBD300 Keyboards. Also in keeping with Pelco's commitment to open and integrated systems, Digital Sentry supports more than 60 third-party IP devices.

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