IQinVision Keeps Catching the Bad Guys

A properly designed video system, powered by megapixel camera technology, provides the coverage and image quality to do what a video surveillance system is supposed to do: preventand prosecute crime.

A fitness center parking lot in Southern California has been plagued by car break-ins for years. In fact, over a 12-year period not a single robbery had ever been prosecuted. The proprietor and the police department had tried several different camera makes for the video surveillance system, but could never get sufficient image resolution to prosecute.

Recently, an IQeye 852 recording on motion, managed by Milestone software and using an end-to-endMotorola wireless broadband solution, recorded yet another car break-in in this particular parking lot. Days later, the perpetrators were picked up on another offense. After a routine plate check, their plates matched those captured on the IQeye video taken of the robbery, despite the plates being partially covered up.

When confronted with the video evidence, one suspect confessed on the spot. “In this case recording at 10 frames per second gave us the forensic level image detail the police needed to help solve this crime,” said David Engel, SSC, whose company is in charge of the video installation.

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