PoE Controller fromTexas Instruments Will Deliver Greater than 90 Percent Efficiency

PoE Controller fromTexas Instruments Will Deliver Greater than 90 Percent Efficiency

Integrated PoE Plus controller meets new standard for powered device applications.

Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) introduced a high-efficiency, high-power Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) controller for 13-watt or 26-watt powered device (PD) applications, such as IP phones, wireless access points or security cameras. Fully compliant to the IEEE 802.3at draft 4.0 standard, the integrated TPS23754 supports DC/DC converter topologies that can achieve higher than 90 percent power conversion efficiency, which reduces heat and increases reliability of the system. The single-chip PoE solution leverages a 100-V manufacturing process to provide a robust solution in a 13-watt or 26-watt design.

Along with the TPS23754, TI is sampling the TPS23756 to support auxiliary input voltages as low as 12 V, allowing a PoE designer to use popular, inexpensive 12-V wall adapters. Additionally, the TPS23757 will support 13-W and below applications requiring the higher efficiency DC/DC topologies. Both the TPS23756 and TPS23757 will be available later on.

Key features of the chip:
· Complementary auxiliary driver with programmable dead-time 
· PD controller supports up to 825-mA continuous current
· Power source selection priority
· Current and inrush limit
· 100-V monolithic SOI process

Key benefits it delivers:
· Supports high-efficiency isolated flyback and forward DC-DC converter topologies
· Implements IEEE 802.3at (draft 4.0) for PD applications requiring greater than 13W
· Natively supports external, local power sources with or without PoE power present
· PD front end protects against current inrush and short circuits
· Robust manufacturing process withstands voltage surges up to 100 V at the IC

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