Window & Door Security Protects U.K. Town

A desperate local landlord recently approached Window & Door Security Systems after their tenants suffered repeated attacks. The rear of the handsome Georgian building, occupied by a prestigious firm of solicitors, was bombarded at night and during weekends by bored teenagers from beyond the car park.

CCTV security cameras were of no use, as the large lumps of brick and concrete were lobbed from behind the car park fence, and consequently the perpetrators were out of sight.

The disruption to staff operations and morale was impossible to quantify, and the tenants were threatening to relocate if the problem could not be solved.

One installation of Security Shield Vandal cost less than reglazing after a single incident. The tenants were delighted as from inside their was no loss of light, and from outside the protection was barely noticeable.

The application involved an interesting mix of fenestration, with sliding sash windows; opening casements; and even an intricate bay window, all of which were able to open for ventilation in the normal way.
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