Retail Company Vector Security Joins 3VR Channel Partner Network

3VR Security, a searchable surveillance provider, announced that Vector Security, one of the electronic security industry's security experts in retail loss prevention, joined 3VR's channel partner network. Vector Security currently ranks within the electronic security industry's top ten companies, providing security solutions and quality residential and commercial services, and ranks fourth in national multi-site retail services.

"3VR is a unique fit for Vector and the retail market at large,” said Michael Grady, Executive VP at Vector Security and head of the National Accounts Division. “3VR provides a complete platform of surveillance technologies that greatly increases the value we bring to our customers. We are already in pilot with several retailers. Together with 3VR, we hope to continue this progress and expand our ability to help retailers prevent fraud and address the industry's growing need for intelligent video management.”

3VR combines a powerful searchable surveillance platform with advanced analytics and comprehensive integration options to retail specific applications to create the most sophisticated and affordable surveillance solution on the market today. 3VR's breadth of products range from the E-Series SmartRecorder, a hybrid DVR/NVR, to the S-Series SmartRecorder, a newly released compact and economical video system built on 3VR's searchable surveillance platform. All products feature enterprise management and bandwidth operation features, making 3VR the suitable solution for retailers large and small aiming to improve the overall security of their operations.

"3VR offers superior searchable video recorders that meet the sophisticated needs of retailers,” said Jim Rao, Director of video technologies at Vector's National Accounts Division. “While their entry level models are easy to install and use, the depth of the 3VR platform is where the real value lies for our customers.”

Al Shipp, CEO of 3VR, said, “Working with Vector Security gives us the opportunity to combine industry-leading service and reliability with our advanced searchable surveillance technology to offer the retail sector the most robust and intelligent security solution available.”

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