Fluidmesh and Dotworkz offer a Perfect Fit

Fluidmesh Networks, a manufacturer of wireless systems for security applications based on mesh networking technology, is partnering with Dotworkz Systems to offer customers a total encasement solution.

The newly released Fluidmesh Endo 2200 unit fits into the Dotworkz D2 and D3 camera enclosures. The Fluidmesh 2200 Endo is designed for indoor or embedded applications where the user already has an outdoor enclosure and wants to embed Fluidmesh wireless technology in an existing kit or set-up. The compatibility of the Endo unit with the Dotworkz enclosure has proven to be a perfect pairing.

"Fluidmesh offers customers cutting-edge wireless systems and provides them a flexible and cost effective solution to satisfy their needs,” said Cosimo Malesci, Co-Founder and VP of Fluidmesh Networks. “With our new partnership with Dotworkz, we can also offer a more convenient solution, as well.”

The Fluidmesh 2200 Endo and D2 camera housing represents the perfect combination of smart form factor, high throughput, secure transmission and value in one complete, easy to install outdoor video solution,” said Dotworkz President Will Ferris.

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