Strategic Assessment of the Asia Pacific Wireless Video Surveillance Markets by Frost & Sullivan

This Frost & Sullivan research titled Strategic Assessment of the Asia Pacific Wireless Video Surveillance Markets provides an overview of the key industry challenges, applications, market drivers, and restraints in the Asia Pacific wireless video surveillance (WVS) market. In addition, the value chain of WVS, competitive landscape and key participants of WVS in the Asia Pacific are also covered. In this research, Frost & Sullivan's expert analysts thoroughly examine the following technologies: closed circuit television (CCTV), digital video recorder (DVR), network video recorder (NVR), CCTV software and monitor.

The ubiquity of wireless connection and easy availability of wireless infrastructure has created a substantial market for the WVS market in the Asia Pacific. End users are drawn to WVS' ability to cover wide areas such as airports and even cities. It helps users save on wiring and maintenance costs, since the system involves only a transmitter and a receiver. The flexibility of the system is also an attractive selling point since some users require flexible cameras, which are easily transferred to another place such as in a construction site.

Moreover, installation costs of WVS are lower than those of wired surveillance systems because it does not require the wire and can reduce the material and manpower expenses. “These benefits are causing the market to spread out rapidly and it is expected to continue to do so until the technology reaches a stage where the demand rises exponentially,” said the analyst of this research. Although there are many reasons to rejoice, market participants must be wary of the issue of bandwidth quality. Inferior quality bandwidth could mean unstable and non-secured signals, which can create consumer apprehensions. Users will be reluctant to adopt the technology if the signal is not encrypted and can be traced by the hackers.

"The industry participants must recognize the broader context of the products they manufacture; specifically, industry participants need to recognize their customer strategies to set their R&D goals,” said the analyst. “They must make timely investments in next-generation facilities and capacity expansions to provide stable and secure wireless connectivity to meet market demand.”

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