IMS Research: Return on Investment Drives Transit Bus Surveillance Market

Transit authorities are increasingly using mobile video surveillance to defend against fraudulent insurance claims from both passengers and other drivers. This is highlighted in a new report from IMS Research, which forecasts double digit growth in the mobile video surveillance market in transit buses to 2013.

Report author and market analyst at IMS Research, Niall Jenkins said, "Historically, the primary market driver for video surveillance in transit buses has been public safety and security, with the threat of terrorism on transport infrastructure influencing the security spending of both government agencies and transport authorities. While this is still an important consideration, the return on investment from defending fraudulent insurance claims is often the over-riding factor in the decision to install video surveillance.”

"In the current economic climate where budgets are tight, showing a clear return on investment can make all the difference. Transit authorities are using video surveillance to view injuries sustained during collisions to asses whether they are genuine or not. Video surveillance is also being used to identify blame during vehicle collisions. If transit authorities can prove that the claim is not genuine and avoid paying compensation then the cost savings can be significantly higher than the initial cost of the video surveillance equipment. This makes the decision to install surveillance much easier to justify” said Jenkins.

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