Digital Angel Wins Danish Livestock Tag Tender

Digital Angel, an advanced technology company in the field of animal identification and emergency identification solutions, announced that its Destron Fearing unit has won a Danish government contract to provide livestock tags in Denmark for a minimum period of four years, beginning May 1. Destron Fearing was the only company to gain acceptance in all six contract categories: three categories of animal — cattle, swine, and sheep and goats — and for both types of tags: visual and electronic. To better serve the market, Destron Fearing has partnered with TraceCompany A/S, of Maribo, Denmark, in order to provide customers with local service and an expanded product offering. The partnership agreement has been established for a minimum period of eight years.

"We believe that this new partnership with TraceCompany should give us a leading position in the Denmark region,” said Digital Angel CEO Joseph Grillo. "We look forward to providing the Danish market with the full range of products that Trace and Destron Fearing both have to offer, and we believe that the value of this contract could be in the range of US$16.8 million over the life of the contract.”

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