Pelco Cameras Compatible with Mirasys Software

Mirasys has announced that its customers will now be able to use Pelco's IP and megapixel cameras in conjunction with Mirasys recorders. Pelco's IP drivers are available as standard in the newest versions of Mirasys NVR Pro and NVR Enterprise, while the previous versions of Mirasys recorders are easy to update with the latest software upgrades.

Pelco and Mirasys both have a wide base of installations and a number of customers in common. This systems compatibility will allow customers the advantages of two market leaders' products, and will enable existing Mirasys users to integrate products from a leading camera manufacturer into networked surveillance systems.

"Pelco's capabilities in producing excellent picture quality from a range of innovative cameras is acknowledged throughout the industry,” said Jukka Riivari, CEO of Mirasys. “Our experiences with Pelco have been very positive, particularly in the field of access control systems. The new megapixel cameras are a great addition to Pelco's product range, and our customers will appreciate the high standard of engineering and innovation that they bring. The combination of these high-quality cameras and the intelligent, user-friendly solutions offered by Mirasys creates a compelling offering for powerful, cost effective surveillance systems.”

"Our companies' co-operation is an excellent example of Pelco Finland's desire to offer real choice to our partners and end users. In addition, we have integrated our market leading access control system Esmikko with Mirasys, in a new local security platform, demonstrating our desire to listen to customer feedback,” said Jukka Hakola, MD of Pelco Finland.

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