Gemalto Appointed as Prime Contractor of Electronic Health Card Program in Africa

Gemalto, a developer in digital security, announced it has been appointed by Gabon's “Caisse Nationale d'Assurance Maladie et de Garantie Sociale (CNAMGS)” as prime contractor for its electronic health card program.

Gemalto is supplying a solution that includes cards, its Allynis Issuance operated personalization services and an ID verification system. Gemalto works in cooperation with Stimplus and Zetes, who act as sub-contractors for the enrolment solution. Stimplus is a French provider of IT equipment and services for businesses. Zetes is a Belgian auto-ID solutions provider. A pilot project aimed at the most disadvantaged citizens is currently running in each of the provinces' administrative city, before being extended to the entire population from 2009 to 2010.

This initiative demonstrates the will of Gabon's government to extend health services to all citizens and conduct swift modernization of the health insurance system. President El Hadj Omar Bongo Ondimba launched the program on December 19, 2008, officially handing over the first health cards. These can be used in hospitals, pharmacies and health centers, to check patient entitlement while ensuring confidentiality of personal data. This health card, the size of a credit card, carries the beneficiary's identification number, civil status information, photograph and fingerprints.

The Sealys Laser-Secured card is made of polycarbonate, a material that offers a very high level of security and capable of withstanding extreme climate conditions. Secure laser personalization within the body of the card itself ensures data cannot be altered or accidentally damaged. This technique makes the card virtually impossible to forge.

"We needed a partner with expertise in the field of health cards and personalization solutions,” said Jean-Robert Goulongana, MD of CNAMGS. "Gemalto's list of major references in this field was a key factor in our decision”.

"Gemalto is proud to be the prime contractor of this first health program in sub-Saharan Africa and to support Gabon in this pioneering initiative,” said Jacques Seneca, Executive VP of the Security Business Unit at Gemalto. “This program results in greater security and improved ease of use of social security services for all Gabonese citizens.”

Gemalto's references in the health sector include the following countries: Algeria, Azerbaijan, China, Finland, France, Germany, Mexico, Slovenia and the United Kingdom.

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