Italian Parkland Selects LEGIC Technology

Italian Parkland Selects LEGIC Technology

The visitor management in the water and wellness paradise Gardacqua offers the guests a high level of convenience. An integrated end-to-end solution from n-tree makes the visit even more enjoyable: all areas, offers and services in the facility — such as cash area, access, wardrobes, restaurants, fitness and beauty area — can be used with only one ticket. Contactless smart card solutions from LEGIC are the technological core of the new system.

A recreational area of approximately 6000 m2 is available to guests in the main building plus an additional 7000 m2 of Mediterranean parkland in summer. Besides classic wellness and spa offerings such as saunas, chill-out areas, a beauty oasis for body care and beauty treatments and a fitness centre, the facility‘s main attraction is a total water surface area of around 12,500 m2. Convenience and more freedom thanks to multi-application guests are given their personal chip wristband containing a contactless LEGIC transponder. It is more than just a simple ticket — the wristband is an all-in-one admission ticket, electronic wallet and changing room locker key.

On entering, guests use their wristband to open a vacant locker in order to securely store their clothes and personal valuables. Terminals keep guests informed of their locker number, duration of stay and account status at all times. Guests do not need any cash during their entire stay and don't have to bother about troublesome keys. The wristband (HOBOBAND) makes it easy to bill meals, drinks, massages or beauty treatments. As well as all admission-relevant information, every monetary transaction is stored on the LEGIC chip. Debiting the chip wristband is reliable and guarantees correct billing of goods and services. Guests only settle their expenses when they leave the facility. Return reader stations at the exit turnstiles collect the credential for re-use.

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