Navtech Radar Launches New Solution at IFSEC

Navtech Radar, a developer and manufacturer of millimeter wave (MMW) radar sensor solutions for outdoor Security and Surveillance applications, will be using IFSEC as the platform for launching and showcasing their new 350-X radar activated surveillance solution.

The 350-X radar solution, which is also a finalist in the intruder alarm product of the year category at IFSEC awards, is specifically designed for perimeter security and surveillance. The new radar sensor employs an advanced beam pattern that minimizes non-detection at the base of the sensor when the sensor is mounted higher, e.g. on the roof of a building. This allows for reduction of the non-detection zone at the base to only 6 m radius from the sensor, if mounted at 4 meters height. Higher mounting further affords the advantage of an elevated view down onto a location and a better field of view and detection coverage over uneven ground.

The 350-X radar will detect a man walking at a maximum range of up to 350 m radius from the sensor. Approaching vehicles will be detected at longer ranges, out to 800 m radius. Because the radar can be mounted high on a wall, on the side or the roof of a building or on a dedicated pole, it is ideally suited for overlooking a location with for example parked cars, or a field with perimeter security issues. Applications where the new technology has already been specified or is in the process of installation include: motorway gantries for monitoring the hard shoulder, motorway bridge abutments to look underneath the bridge into the void space to detect any undesirable behavior, vehicle storage compound security to scan over the parked cars out to the perimeter for any intruders or thieves, as well as on top of roof apex, to detect intruders jumping across onto the roof from adjoining buildings.

Andrew Rosenthal, Commercial Director of Navtech, said, “We have developed the 350-X solution because our market research shows a clear demand for this type of solution in the security & surveillance market. It is gratifying, that the solution is already under installation at several projects. I have just come back from a site in the Czech Republic where the Navtech radar 350-X has been installed as part of the Ganz Radar Vision solution to protect a solar farm facility. The multi-million dollar solar panels are laid out on frames in a field in the Czech countryside. Four 350-X radar have been installed, one on each side of the square field to automatically control Ganz PTZ cameras providing continuous 24 hour surveillance to a remote monitoring centre. Intruders approaching the fence in vehicles or on foot seeking to attack or steal the solar panels will be followed by the radar. When a disturbance is detected by the radar it automatically switches the nearest PTZ camera to follow the incident. The radar display and accompanying CCTV video are digitally recorded on-site and sent in real time via an IP link to an offsite monitoring station for potentially alerting a local reaction force. The radar solution in this instance is a much more reliable, cost effective and sustainable answer to security than a 24 hour manned patrol”.

The 350-X radar activated surveillance solution key features:

  • The radar signals are brought back to the control room and overlayed on the latest Google Earth Screenshot of the site. This way location, speed and direction of any intruders are immediately visualized.
  • The radar controls PTZ cameras to automatically zoom in, follow and display activity on a separate screen in the control room. This enables the operator to quickly assess if a disturbance is an intruder or can be disregarded.
  • Signals from the natural background, such as trees moving in the wind, rabbits playing and large birds flying past, are filtered out by the software in order to minimize alarm raising incidents.
  • Supplied as a GPR base with a vacuum formed random the 350-X is IP67 rated with a temperature specification of -20°C to + 60°C. The solution is also available as a ruggedized model, I350-X, with cast aluminum base, random machines from solid and other harsh environment features. The I350-X is available as a hot climate unit rated to +70°C or a cold weather unit rated to -40°C.
  • The 350-X operates at 77GHz with a scan speed of 1 rps in a 360°. Powered by 24V DC the unit consumes 25W and emits 10m Watts. The interface is standard 100 base-T Ethernet though an environmentally sealed RJ45.
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