iLoq and Valnes Cooperate

Electronic locking system manufacturer iLoq and Baltic locking expert AS Valnes have signed a partnering agreement.

"We are pleased to welcome AS Valnes as iLoq-partner in the Baltics. AS Valnes has a long history in successful introduction of innovative security solutions focusing on customer needs. We are looking forward to market the iLoq locking system in the Baltics together with this strong and experienced partner.” said Michael Szücs, Director Sales and Marketing of iLoq.

"Our company mission is to create and offer innovative locking products and access control systems in order to provide best possible security solutions to our clients. By including the iLoq S10 locking system in our portfolio, we are able to offer advanced high security locking and convenient locking management without need for batteries or complicated cabling work. The revolutionary self-powered iLoq electronic security cylinder enables even modification of master key plans after implementation.” said Alvar Veersalu, Chairman of the Advisory Board of Valnes.

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