U.K. Taxi Drivers Identified, Thanks to Payne Security

Secure ID cards supplied by Payne Security have ensured that licensed taxi drivers in Trafford can be easily identified to prevent fraudsters.

The investment in new cards has been taken as a preventative measure, as Councillor Brian Rigby, Chairman of the licensing sub-committee, said, “In Trafford we have not had a specific problem with this type of fraud, but we need to protect taxi drivers and local people by making sure only licensed drivers are picking up passengers.”

Payne Security was asked to devise a suitable solution that would be secure, highly visible and easy to facilitate. The solution benefits from Payne Security's expertise in secure card design and manufacture. Security features include Guilloche printing of a precise, intricate and repetitive design, which is difficult to reproduce and print.

An additional device to provide further ease of identification is the use of bespoke foil overlays in two different styles to differentiate private hire drivers from Hackney Carriage drivers.

The new badges must be displayed in all private hire taxis and Hackney Carriages, in order to prove that the driver is licensed by Trafford Council.

"We have been delighted with the quality of the cards and the service we have received from Payne Security,” said Joanne Boyle, Licensing Manager at Trafford Council.

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