RISCO Group Brings Milestone Video into Building Management Solutions

RISCO Group and Milestone Systems announced a partnering agreement, integrating the Milestone open-platform IP video software into RISCO's overall security management system.

RISCO Group and Milestone have developed an integrated solution where the Milestone XProtect IP video open platform acts as a recording engine for the SynopSYS Integrated Security and Building Management System. SynopSYS provides site management and control from one simple interface, using intuitive synoptic maps to allow command and control of security, video monitoring, fire detection, access control and other building automation systems.

As a Milestone Solution Partner, the collaboration completes RISCO Group's solution by integrating video surveillance input from IP cameras into SynopSYS. In SynopSYS, live video events serve as triggers for real-time alerts and automated actions on any integrated security system or device. Likewise, any event in SynopSYS, such as an access alarm, can trigger recording video from the required IP camera through an entirely software-based interface.

Utilizing the Milestone open platform, SynopSYS can integrate with unlimited numbers and models of IP cameras, and provide an ideal management system for any type or size of project. With its proven experience in installations for the commercial, industrial, and military sectors, SynopSYS now offers full flexibility for integrators in selecting a complete platform for security and building management that is video enabled.

"RISCO Group has a state-of-the-art, sophisticated IP solution that provides a perfect synergy of innovative technology with the Milestone video surveillance integration,” said Raziel Bareket, Sales Manager for Benelux and Israel at Milestone Systems. “This is an excellent match. System integrators can offer a non-proprietary building management system, implementing a best-of-breed solution that adds more comprehensive functionality. This is truly a win-win situation from a technical, commercial and customer perspective.”

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