Evermedia Biometrics Completes Joint Venture Agreement with Nations ID

Evermedia Biometrics, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Evermedia group, has finalized its joint venture agreement with Nations ID to develop multimodal match-on-card (MOC) applications. This announcement follows the Letter of Intent signed earlier this year on April 3.

MOC is the process of sending biometric characteristics such as a fingerprint and/or an iris image from a recognition device to a card that has embedded in it encrypted templates of such characteristics. The templates are stored only on the card and not on a database. If the card is lost or stolen, it will be rendered useless as it requires the accompanying fingerprint and/or iris image to be effective.

The objective of this joint venture is to develop next generation ID cards for military and government agencies who require the highest levels of authentication and verification. There are several vulnerabilities that can be eliminated if biometrically enabled forms of ID are used for physical access control, such as entry onto a base or building. The multimodal format not only conforms to already stated goals of the Department of Defense but also gives end users the latest in access/denial technologies. The development of the MOC applications will implement already known and yet to be announced standards from ISO, NIST, ANSI and other standard setting organizations.

"About 9 years ago, the military embedded smart chips to the Common Access Card, which is the primary ID card used by all uniformed and civilian members of the DOD community. We want to make these smart cards even smarter. We can enable the current cards with much more meaningful data and at the same time generate an authentication protocol that would be virtually impossible to spoof,” said Jonathan Sym, CEO of The Evermedia Group and its subsidiaries. “Along with Nations ID, we will work with other organizations and individuals who will contribute their expertise in this area of research. We have already identified potential teaming partners to assist in this effort and look forward to starting our joint venture.”

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