OFK — Moving Forwards with Stable Product

OFK Technologies, a video surveillance provider founded in 2006 at Shenzhen, was created to offer the market middle- to high-end products. The company is dedicated to provide quality cameras to overseas markets, such as Europe, the Americas as well as the Middle-East. OFK branding has even been approved of its quality in financial scenarios, the most highly demanding application, in Thailand.

Professional buyers know that in Shenzhen, there are countless video surveillance manufacturers to procure products from. There are too many “me-too” companies. Therefore, differentiating between quality providers remains a pressing headache for most buyers. However, there are still some distinguishing measures.

"Starting from Quality" has been the company's goal since its establishment. “This is the key reason to make OFK highly competitive in the market,” said Anson Kong, Sales Director at OFK.

"We aim to be a long-term provider," said Kong. “We know that raw material and a few key components play crucial roles in terms of stability. Therefore, OFK has a strict purchasing procedure, and mostly buys from worldwide reputed suppliers.” Kong pointed out that using these components has increased the cost, comparing with others. She would rather to have fewer profit margins in order to offer the market the quality products.

Nowadays, while people are battling the global economic downturn, some people would say “less is more,” but, Kong begs to differ. “More important than anything else is quality,” Kong stressed. “OFK would never sacrifice a product's quality by using cheaper components.”

Moreover, OFK invests greatly in developing its own stylish camera housing. This is another way to differentiate from others. “Cameras from Shenzhen manufacturers,” Kong added, “have little difference in appearance. Customers from Europe and America require quality as well as stylish design. Our housing design can even compete with Korean manufacturers.”

Satisfying Customers

Through three major approaches, OFK is confident to offer customers state-of-the-art products. “Firstly, we can ensure on-time delivery,” said Kong. “Secondly, we offer a variety of cameras, including infrared, dome, wide dynamic range (WDR) and vandal-proof dome. Customization and fast response are our promises to customers. Thirdly, with our affordable price, along with stable quality, our customers can enjoy each product's performance.”

With an energetic management team, the company launches its new products on a regular basis, catering to different requirements. Kong pointed out that there are several products ready for the market. “For example,” said Kong, “we will soon release our new generation WDR camera with moving IR cut filter and on-screen display(OSD). Furthermore, our plan to develop a line of megapixel network cameras is already on the road.”

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