Sagem Sécurité Spins off a Company

Sagem Sécurité announced MorphoTrak, a U.S. company which will offer advanced biometric and identification management products and solutions to federal, state and local governments and commercial markets. MorphoTrak results from the union of Sagem Morpho, a wholly owned subsidiary of Sagem Sécurité, and Printrak, formerly the biometric business division of Motorola recently acquired by SAFRAN.

"We are creating a new company, based on world-class engineering, best of breed products and services and global expertise,” said Daniel Vassy, recently appointed as the new President and CEO of MorphoTrak. “The U.S. leads the world in biometric and ID management solutions, and we now have an organization that can provide the type of industry leadership needed in critical areas such as interoperability, standards, mobility, fusion, multimodal applications and non-biometric identity technologies.”

"In this time of security challenges, we have been able to expand our business and build our global brand as a trusted security partner,” said Jean-Paul Jainsky, Chairman and CEO of Sagem Sécurité. “MorphoTrak will help Sagem Sécurité and the U.S. continues their global leadership in this field where a high level of international cooperation is critical to ensuring security needs is met.”

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