British Transport Police Order Image Scan's X-Ray Security System

British Transport Police Order Image Scan's X-Ray Security System

Image Scan Holdings, a provider of real-time multi-view, x-ray imaging solutions, confirmed that its wholly owned subsidiary, 3DX-Ray Limited, has secured orders valued in excess of US$252,500 for its new portable x-ray unit, the TPXi, all deliverable within the next 3 months. The orders include units for the British Transport Police which intends to use TPXi to support their fight against potential attacks on the British transport systems, such as those seen in July of 2005.

The TPXi system, launched at Milipol on 22nd November 2005, is designed to give the operator the greatest probability of detecting potential threats from explosive, chemical or even biological sources concealed within suspect packages.

Superintendent Phil Trendall, speaking on behalf of the British Transport Police, said, “Our officers are in the front line protecting the transport infrastructure against terrorist attack and it is very important that they have the best equipment available to protect the public, help minimize disruption and keep the rail system moving. The new TPXi product is one of the most advanced portable x-ray systems available. Its exceptional image quality and robust wireless capability are particularly important in terms of maintaining our ability to manage the high levels of unattended items reported within the rail environment. We believe this new capability will enhance significantly the service we can provide the travelling public.”

Nicholas Fox, Chief Executive of Image Scan Holdings, said, “Following on so rapidly from its official launch we are naturally delighted with these initial orders, especially from such a prestigious customer as the British Transport Police. These early sales signify another example of the success of advanced x-ray imaging capability of our company, with the TPXi system representing the latest tool in the fight against terrorism.” “It is very encouraging to see that, at the end of our first quarter, orders in the current financial year stand at over US$1293,300. This is in excess of the turnover for the whole of the previous financial year and provides an excellent start to the year.” Fox said.

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