Intellon Selected by Throughtek for Innovative Security Camera

Intellon, a provider of HomePlug-compatible ICs for home networking, networked entertainment, Ethernet-over-Coax (EoC) and smart-grid applications, announced that Throughtek, a Taiwan-based consumer electronics maker, is using Intellon's newest chip HomePlug AV-based INT6400, in a lamp-socket network camera that requires no outlet or video cables for operation.

The Throughtek CLJ100L camera unit can be screwed into any available light socket inside or outside the home, enabling quick and easy installation. The video feed from the camera travels through the socket and over the existing electrical wiring to a computer and monitor in the house or through a router and broadband gateway to the Internet, allowing remote viewing of the camera's output. The simple screw-in, screw-out design allows for easy relocation of the camera throughout a home at the user's convenience.

The CLJ100L also features IR emitters so that imaging can be transmitted even in low-light situations. When used outside, in existing floodlight sockets, the emitters provide the light necessary to view scenes at night. The CLJ100L can also be used with an accessory screw-in base with power cord that can be located near any convenient electrical outlet.

"Cabling is very expensive and unavoidably blemishes the home decor,” said Throughtek's Charles Kao, GM. “Radio frequency cameras are often unstable and have interference problems, but with the Intellon HomePlug power line technology, we get a very stable, reliable and easy to use communications medium.”

"Network cameras are a perfect application for our power line technology and seem to be getting a lot of consumer attention,” said Rick Furtney, President and COO of Intellon. “Throughtek displayed their camera at the CeBIT Show in Hanover, Germany and generated a lot of excitement for the innovative light-socket design.”

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