VideoIQ Embraces Key Industry Standards for System Interoperability

VideoIQ, the inventor of intelligent surveillance camera with a built-in DVR, announced its contribution and commitment to the advancement of key industry standards for system interoperability and integration, including the Security Industry Association's (SIA) Open Systems Integration and Performance Standards (OSIPS) Digital Video Interface (DVI). When consolidated and harmonized into a single, published standard for public use, the OSIPS DVI will provide customers with greater choice in intelligent video surveillance solutions.

VideoIQ is actively investing in standards that enable enhanced multi-vendor integration, such as those for data, video and communications interoperability. VideoIQ's Chief Scientist Mahesh Saptharishi contributes to the analytics object models and serves as the current technical editor for the OSIPS DVI. In this role, Saptharishi helps to ensure that all data for control and monitoring can be understood and exchanged between multiple vendors' IP video surveillance systems, meeting both the needs of product developers and end users.

"We believe that customers and the video surveillance industry at large will benefit dramatically from the advancement of key standards such as OSIPS,” said Saptharishi. “VideoIQ's commitment to heterogeneous technology integration, as evidenced by the recent release of our open protocol SDK, gives customers choice and access to best-in-breed intelligent security solutions.”

Per Hanssen, Chair of SIA Standards' Component Subcommittee, said, "VideoIQ's efforts to advance OSIPS and other key industry standards embodies the very reason OSIPS was created — to ease the development of large security systems and enable interoperability. VideoIQ's commitment in this arena will help customers achieve stellar performance of their security systems and a lower total cost of ownership, while technology vendors will be able to realize new business opportunities.”

In addition to OSIPS DVI, other key standards adopted by VideoIQ are Representational State Transfer (REST), Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP), Network Time Protocol (NTP), ZeroConf (Automatic Camera Discovery) and many others.

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