Federal Law Enforcement Training Center Tests DVTel

DVTel, a provider in the development and delivery of intelligent security solutions over IP networks, announced the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC), in Brunswick, Georgia, is testing the DVTel intelligent Security Operations Center (iSOC) IP video management system to determine whether it will enhance training operations and effectiveness.

FLETC is a congressionally mandated organization responsible for providing initial training for all federal law enforcement personnel for 88 agencies. In training programs ranging from 12 to 18 weeks, FLETC trains more than 50,000 law enforcement personnel per year.

FLETC is using multiple cameras throughout a 2,800-square-foot training environment — a combination of rooms within a building — to monitor student performance during training for highly-stressful law enforcement encounters. When a trainee goes through a scenario, FLETC personnel now have multiple camera angles showing each trainee's performance: how did he or she approach the situation, how did he use cover or concealment in a gunfight, how did she secure the suspect, and more. Using high quality video footage from each camera synced with the appropriate audio track shows trainees exactly what transpired — instead of just telling them. In addition, because of camera placements, trainers can utilize views of what the trainee is seeing, what the suspect is seeing, and the global perspective of an entire scene. The separate audio recordings with each video track enable commands, dialog, and interaction to be heard more clearly, instead of a garbled mix-up of many voices.

"When we were planning our Performance Assessment Lab (PAL), we were not able to locate other facilities with similar capabilities, so we started from scratch. FLETC had worked with other video management systems but staff encountered limitations they could not overcome. This process taught us we needed an IP-based system, so cameras could be moved easily, and separate audio and video streams to minimize confusion in playback and enable us to isolate and analyze audio to measure stress” said Terry Wollert, Senior Researcher at the Brunswick FLETC facility.

At present, the Brunswick facility's use of the DVTel system is still in a testing phase, however FLETC's plans call for other training sites to also have IP-based systems at facilities in Georgia, New Mexico, South Carolina and Maryland. Wollert said, “Thus far our results have been gratifying, and we've received universally positive feedback from our trainees.”

FLETC staff has been pleased with the multiple angles they can access and the quality of the video. In after-action feedback sessions, trainers can easily locate footage to provide views of what happened from several angles, and then they can pause wherever needed to emphasize a point. “It is a very revealing session for the students, very graphic. It changes the whole dynamic of the feedback session by removing all subjective discrepancies of what the trainee and instructor believe they observed during the scenario. The audio and video make the feedback totally objective, so it is much easier to provide effective feedback when we don't have to overcome potential defensiveness.” said Wollert.

"Our DVTel solutions have been deployed for multiple mission-critical applications around the world, including a number of significant Homeland Security-related installations here at home,” said Eli Gorovici, DVTel President and CEO. “For FLETC, we see the value of the DVTel iSOC's rich array of features, which allows them to fit the technology to exactly what they want to do, resulting in better trained law enforcement personnel who are now better equipped to meet tough challenges.”

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