Axis Cameras Protect Homes and Businesses with New Surveillance Service

IPEye's customers will be able to view recorded or real-time footage of their home or business 24/7 by logging on using their own secure password or by setting up notifications that they can receive either by e-mail or by text to their cellular phone.

This easy-to-use security surveillance system takes advantage of the hosted video capability of Axis Communications' network cameras which means that all the images from a customer's location are streamed to a remote server owned by IPEye where they are stored securely. If a burglary or incident occurs, or if a pre-set trigger is activated, the images that are captured cannot be taken or destroyed by the perpetrators and can be accessed even if the surveillance equipment is stolen.

Scott Earing, MD of IPEye, said, “Axis is the recognized market leader in video surveillance and that is why we chose to work with them to develop this powerful network camera system that is capable of protecting the family home or business,” “this network video solution is designed so that set up is very simple. Once the cameras are installed where the surveillance is required, they simply need to be connected to the Internet or LAN and the unique user identity means that footage can be viewed only by the customer — even we can't access their account or images.”

The backbone of this service is based on the Axis Video Hosting System platform and IPEye's software and user interface means that customers are able to monitor their premises whenever they want. The type of service provided includes:

*Viewing footage online at any time with a user-friendly web interface 
*Setting up triggers such as when the burglar alarm goes off, or when someone walks past a passive IR (PIR) sensor, or the camera detects motion
*Triggers can be set up to send notifications via e-mail or text
*Footage can be sent using either AVI or MP4 depending on bandwidth restrictions or the quality of image that is required

Phil Doyle, MD of Axis Communications, said, “A hosted surveillance solution is ideal for homeowners and small businesses. The web-based management and viewing platform offers a simple and cost effective surveillance solution that is as close to a genuine ‘plug and play' offering as it comes. IPEye, using the Axis Video Hosting System, takes care of the setting up, transmission and storage of multiple video and audio streams and makes the use of secure network video a reality for everyone.”

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