ioimage Expands into Remote Video Monitoring

ioimage, a manufacturer of intelligent video appliances, announced it is expanding in the remote video monitoring market with new technology partners, monitoring companies and end users, bringing the benefits of ioimage edge appliances with remote setup capabilities to one of the fastest growing sectors in the security industry.

ioimage encoders and cameras detect and provide instant visual verification of a security breach, reduce false alarms and costs associated with first responders. ioimage edge devices also conduct remote patrol guard tours, which supplement live physical guard activity, by using PTZ cameras to carry out visual inspections throughout a facility at preset times. These features are particularly significant in view of the new verified response laws coming into effect across the United States which require verification of an event before police will take action. ioimage video analytics offers remote setup and maintenance of its edge devices from a network, thus reducing the frequency of onsite visits which were required in the past for camera and device adjustments.

Video monitoring stations have implemented ioimage appliances at their customer's sites to improve detection, minimize false alarms and provide audio capabilities to increase onsite security. ioimage has partnered with several central station automation software companies which have added video analytics to their video based automation software platforms.

iVerify, which designs, installs and maintains customized security solutions, equipped its remote video central station in Charlotte, North Carolina dubbed the “I” with ioimage video analytics two years ago. iVerify provides project management for security solutions to nuclear power facilities, construction sites, electrical substations and retail stores, but looks to systems integrators to implement the systems. “We're leveraging video analytics to improve our labor utilization,” said Jose Chavarria, iVeify's Senior VP of Technology. “We previously used motion detectors, but the result was a ton of false alarms. Nearly all our new customers with outdoor perimeters to protect are using ioimage video analytics, and we're seeing a fraction of the false alarms we used to experience.”

SureView Systems, active in North America and Europe with offices in the United States and in the United Kingdom, added ioimage video analytics to its UL 1981 classified video based central station automation software Immix, in order to more reliably detect events in the field. “Outdoor motion detection can be problematic in producing unwanted false alarm traffic,” said Matt Krebs, Executive VP of Sureview Systems. “ioimage video analytics has proven to be very reliable and effective in generating useful alarm event notification. By pairing it with our Immix software and combining an alert with video during an event, central station operators are made more situation-aware. A bounding box shows the operator what created that event, for example whether it was a person or a branch in the wind. Operators can instantly determine if there's been an actual security breach or if you can move onto your next task.”

Visentry, which distributes real-time intelligent video monitoring solutions and also operates its own video monitoring station, integrated ioimage video analytics into its Virtual Sentry monitoring platform in order to offer customers in the construction, warehouse and manufacturing markets a remote monitoring solution with built-in PTZ-based video analytics. “ioimage technology is unique in its ability to use a single PTZ camera to conduct an intelligent video tour that in many cases is less expensive than a traditional solution using fixed cameras,” said Juda Slomovich, COO of ViSentry. “For example, a large yard would typically need six to eight cameras to adequately cover the perimeter. But when you deploy two PTZ cameras with a pre-programmed analytics-based tour, you cut the project cost by half.”

"Remote monitoring can cost 80 to 90 percent less than traditional guards, but without instant visual verification of an event, frequent false alarms are inevitable,” said Zeev Farkash, ioimage CEO. More and more remote monitoring stations are implementing ioimage video analytics for a cost-effective solution that efficiently detects intruders, minimizes costly false alerts, ensures faster response time and can be remotely configured and maintained.”

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