IndigoVision and 655 Partner for Remote Monitoring

IndigoVision, a manufacturer of IP video security solutions, partnered with 655 to provide its U.K. customers with a remote video monitoring facility. 655's purpose-built facility is both a BS5979-approved alarm-receiving center (ARC) and a BS8418-approved remote video response center.

655 monitors a number of different IndigoVision sites, including schools, logistics operation and National Trust's Chiswick House. Video is streamed from each site via standard ADSL business broadband links. This is considerably more cost-effective and reliable compared to remotely monitoring traditional analog/DVR systems that use expensive ISDN links. IndigoVision's compression technology ensures that minimum bandwidth is required to transmit high-quality video from each site to the monitoring center. To further aid remote transmission, IndigoVision's system allows each camera feed to be dual-stream. For example, video with maximum frame rate and resolution could be viewed and recorded locally, with a second lower frame rate stream transmitted to the remote center. This low-bandwidth requirement also ensures low latency, which means 655 can smoothly control PTZ cameras at any site.

655 uses Control Center, IndigoVision's IP video and alarm management software, for monitoring all sites. As far as each individual site is concerned, 655's Control Center workstation is just like any other on its network, viewing live and recorded video from any camera.

IndigoVision's solution allows for real-time analytics, such as motion detection and virtual tripwires, to be run in cameras at the network edge. This can be used to trigger alarms in Control Center when an intrusion is detected. When an alarm is raised, 655's Control Center workstation will automatically display the associated camera feed and allow the operator to quickly review the incident. If necessary, they can view other cameras around the site or review recorded video anytime before the alarm was raised. 655 can then contact the police or key holder if necessary. Pete Johnson, IT Manager at Parklands School, recalled how 655's remote monitoring of its system helped prevent a serious break-in.

"At around 4 a.m. in the morning, two intruders were picked up on the CCTV entering the Infants School by the rear gate. The alarm was raised and 655 called the police. Before the police arrived, the intruders forced a window, entered the school and removed PC equipment. The police later apprehended one of the criminals, and the equipment was recovered after the CCTV footage revealed that it was dumped shortly after they left the grounds. This incident proves that well configured and managed remote monitoring is an extremely useful tool that ultimately saved our school considerable hassle and cost.”

IndigoVision's open architecture allows tight integration with other security systems such as access control, intruder detection and perimeter protection. Events from any of these systems can also trigger alarms in Control Center which again can be monitored remotely, providing 655 with a very powerful tool for monitoring any aspect of a site's security.
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