Panasonic Solution Developer Network (PSDN) Expands to Include More Industry-Leading Companies

Users and integrators demand open systems, and Panasonic System Solutions Company is expanding its mission to empower open system interoperability encompassing multiple technologies and vendors industry-wide through its Panasonic Solution Developer Network (PSDN). Recent new additions to the global PSDN program include industry-leading companies such as Pelco and American Dynamics, among others.

Panasonic announces release of a new suite of development tools and programming samples in its all-new PS-API (Panasonic Security — Application Programming Interface). The PS-API provides a new development platform that is compatible across product lines, allowing PSDN members to enable their products to interoperate easily and efficiently with Panasonic i-Pro network cameras and encoders, network video recorders and digital video recorders.

"Providing customer-centric system solutions includes acknowledging that best-of-breed technologies come from a variety of industry suppliers,” said J.M. Allain, President of Panasonic System Solutions Company. “By opening our technologies to integrate with other suppliers, we are ensuring that our customers can pick and choose exactly the solution they need and be confident that it will integrate seamlessly with Panasonic products.”

The new PS-API is the latest step in the ongoing integration and partnering process. “Our new PS-API will greatly reduce integration efforts and help future-proof integrations built on its tools,” said Mike Maddox, PSDN Program Manager. “New Panasonic security products will be compliant with the PS-API, so that current integrations will be easily applied to new products with little or no modification.”

Recent interoperabilities established by PSDN members include; Verint supports most i-Pro network cameras under their Nextiva Video Management Platform; NICE Systems supports select i-Pro network camera models under NICEnet v10.5 and AMAG announced support for i-Pro network cameras under their Symmetry Video Management System.

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