Second Largest US Government Agency Selects ipConfigure

ipConfigure, an IP video surveillance software company, is delivering software to secure the integrity and safety of U.S. government facilities. The new upgraded surveillance system for the project will be managed by ipConfigure ESM 5.0 software, ipConfigure's latest Enterprise Surveillance Manager which is being released in conjunction with this project. The intuitive browser based software will manage one of the largest deployments in the history of IP video surveillance. The customer has begun to implement the first phase of this project which includes 50,000 cameras and will be completed within 36 months.

With more than US$75 billion in revenue, 656,000 employees, and 32,000 locations the customer required a modern system to upgrade and augment its crime detection and prevention efforts. The driving forces in the selection process included extreme scalability, flexibility and usability, which led to the decision to select ipConfigure.

The goal is to upgrade existing analog cameras and DVRs to a fully integrated architecture at all locations. This is accomplished with ipConfigure's software, which provides live and playback video access to any location from a networked computers' browser. And though it is still undetermined as to when and how quickly any expansion beyond the thousands of cameras being installed, the customer will always have the option to expand its system due to the open architecture offered by ipConfigure's products.
After being awarded the project ipConfigure immediately accelerated the development of ESM 5.0. Some of the new key features include:
? *A highly distributed database architecture
? *Redundancy with automated failover
? *Active directory integration
? *Post recording motion grooming
? *And system wide reporting of servers, cameras and software

Christopher Uiterwyk, co-founder of ipConfigure, said, “The project is exciting for ipConfigure and the industry. We believe future adoption of IP video surveillance technology will accelerate as a result of this project's success. More importantly, I believe ESM 5.0 will redefine the expectations of the video surveillance market.”

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