Panasonic Releases 3-D Image Sensor Designed for Anti-Tailgating and Automatic Doors

Panasonic Releases 3-D Image Sensor Designed for Anti-Tailgating and Automatic Doors
Operates in ambient light with a long detection range for multiple applications

Panasonic System Solutions Company debuts an innovative 3-D Image Sensor that works in full ambient light for access control applications. The new 3-D Image Sensor is the latest access control product joining Panasonic's widely used high-speed, super-accurate biometric iris reader system.

For anti-tailgating and high-sensitivity automatic door applications, Panasonic's 3-D Image Sensor and the BM-ET200 Iris Recognition Camera System can work together to heighten security. Placed in the ceiling above a door, the sensor determines whether there is one or multiple individuals trying to access the door where a Panasonic iris reader is installed, and triggers an alarm if it detects a second individual "tailgating" the first person.

In addition to functionality for anti-tailgating and to trigger automatic doors, Panasonic's 3-D Image Sensor has a variety of additional potential applications in the security industry, including counting people, detecting presence of a body, and as an elevator sensor. The 3-D Image Sensor has a 50 x 36-degree field-of-view, operates at 12 frames per second, and offers a detection range from 4 to 30 feet. Unlike previous image sensors that were restricted to use in low-light settings, the new 3-D Image Sensor operates in “outside-light” ambience up to 100,000 lux.

"The power of a company like Panasonic is in its ability to deliver innovative solutions for practical applications," said J.M. Allain, President of Panasonic System Solutions Company. "Our new 3-D Image Sensor has a wide range of uses in a variety of industries. For example, it can sense when someone approaches a digital display to trigger a user interface or message, or it can be used for hand-gesture control for video gaming, or even to guide robots for factory automation applications. By bringing this versatile device to market, it enables us to show system designers that it can enable numerous new solutions for access control and security systems applications."

Systems integrators and resellers will be developing software for various applications of the 3-D Image Sensor, and future versions will be embedded in access control devices by automatic door manufacturers and other OEM partners.
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