Fujitsu PalmSecure Certified Under ‘Common Criteria' International Security Standard

Fujitsu Europe Limited announced that its palm vein authentication system, PalmSecure, has been certified under the Common Criteria for Information Technology Security Evaluation (ISO15408) as Evaluation Assurance Level 2. This is the world's first palm vein-based authentication system and the third biometric authentication system, to be certified under this international standard.

Fujitsu will provide PalmSecure on a global basis to serve those customers, such as government agencies and financial institutions who require advanced security.

In recent years, biometric authentication based on veins, fingerprints, and iris patterns has become widespread in a variety of applications such as PC or business application login, identity verification at ATMs and facility access control.

Since Fujitsu has introduced palm vein authentication to social infrastructure including banking, healthcare, and academic testing systems, it has been called upon by customers such as government agencies and financial institutions outside of Japan to put the device through a third-party security certification process.

Becoming certified under the international standard for IT security, Common Criteria, responds to that call. Fujitsu can tailor solutions using the high-precision, high-security PalmSecure system to meet customer needs.

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