Siemens Integrated Total Solutions to Protect Infrastructures

Siemens Integrated Total Solutions to Protect Infrastructures

Personal security and the proper functioning of private and public infrastructures are gaining importance in our globalized world. This is especially true at airports, in which high standards of mobility, security and optimum workflows are expected. Airport operators bear tremendous responsibility for proper functioning of the operating processes and ensuring the security of passengers, staff, the infrastructure and transport of goods. The increasing automation of many complex processes and meeting legal requirements thus require flexible management systems for secure and efficient operation at airports.

As a response to these requirements, the Building Technologies Division (BT) provides a broad portfolio for security and building automation. "Our solution competency when it comes to integrated technologies is at the center of our offering," said Matthias Rebellius, CEO Fire Safety & Security Products, to numerous trade journalists from throughout Europe during their visit to the Siemens Airport Center in Fürth near Nuremberg. "Because the approach of using consistently networked system worlds keeps investment and maintenance costs to a minimum and ensures secure efficient operation."

Security plays an important role in almost all areas of modern air transport. It is the prerequisite for people feeling safe throughout their entire journey and for the airport operators to be able to protect all operating and value chain processes without gaps. This ranges from efficient and transparent passenger, luggage and cargo check-in procedures to air transport management and general airport operation. BT provides comprehensive solutions and services for all functions within buildings including systems for fire protection, evacuation, access control, video surveillance, alarm management, energy management, automation systems to control HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) in rooms as well as electrical installation technology. These combined solutions (total building solutions) are ideal for airports, in which technology competency from a single provider generates exceptional customer benefits.

Wide distribution of video surveillance devices has caused an increased need for intelligent image analysis and display methods. BT has developed an intelligent security platform within the Siveillance line to record, analyze and combine with command and control features all safety relevant data in an automated manner. The system recognizes specific and predefined events on its own and displays all relevant images and support required to make decisions in a targeted way. As compared to conventional video surveillance systems, security personnel can reliably assess events in real time and trigger suitable measures immediately.

"We are thus paving the way for new situational awareness of all security related risks," said Peter Loeffler, Head Lifecycle Security, "because surveillance is made much more efficient and requires less personnel." This type of solution was implemented last year in the Bod? airport in northern Norway. The airport authorities use this to monitor all critical zones including the check-in and security check areas and to record critical events on video. In addition to this, the solution controls access authorization for transportation vehicles in the protected airport area using license plate recognition.

For the recently opened "Bengaluru International Airport" in Bangalore, India, Siemens provided an integrated solution for building and security management, luggage conveyor systems, air strip lighting, power supply, IT and communication. Building Technologies was significantly involved with an order volume of around three million euro. The installed systems include building automation systems for efficient HVAC control, a fire alarm system (with 1800 smoke detectors and alarms), an access control system, video surveillance, intrusion alarm system and an intercom and voice alarm system. The systems are integrated in an overall management system, which serves to inform staff of all alarm and error messages for targeted intervention.

An airport is attractive for the operator and investors if passengers and staff members feel comfortable and safe, and systems and operating procedures work without problems. Integrated operating and service activities from Siemens provide maximum availability of all systems during the entire lifecycle of the building. This serves to practically reduce system downtime and idle times to zero. This is important to airports because system failures can cause many inconveniences such as frustration, stress, overtime, loss of image and can cause enormous additional expenses for airport operators and airlines alike.

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