EX3141 Extends Ethernet Cabling in Harsh Environments

EtherWan Systems, a provider in Ethernet connectivity for applications in various markets, releases an Ethernet extender/media converter product to extend Ethernet over existing wire pairs such as the telephone wiring.

The ED3141 is a point-to-point Ethernet Extender designed to operate in the harsh environments at the edge of the network. The ED3141 extends 10/100 Ethernet circuits to over 300 meters (984 feet) at 50 Mbps using one pair of existing copper wire. The ED3141 functions at temperatures ranging from -40°C to 75°C (-40°F to 167°F). The ED3141 will allow Ethernet connectivity in existing facilities without pulling extra cable. This is the perfect solution to Ethernet on the factory floor or on the street where systems have been upgraded from slower serial communications to Ethernet networking. Installation is easy with a single switch setting, one end is set for local and the other for remote. The ED3141 is used in pairs to extend Ethernet connectivity over existing voice grade copper wire.

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