Swiss Railways Under Watchful Gaze of Axis Network Cameras

Swiss Railways Under Watchful Gaze of Axis Network Cameras

Swiss Railways (SBB) decided to increase security in the Zurich S-Bahn by 2010 with the aid of network cameras. A particular requirement of the project was that the solution should run completely on IP networks and thus be able to be integrated into the existing IP/Ethernet network of the trains.

The Swiss-based Ruf Group won the contract to implement the project and was assigned the task of equipping 115 double-decker shuttle trains (DSTs) with a digital information and video surveillance system. While Ruf provided the displays in the trains, the computer platform and the complete video surveillance system with emergency telephones, Axis supplied the network cameras as a Ruf partner.

The project evoked positive reactions from the Swiss, based not only on the relatively high safety requirement, but also on the reassurance provided by the video surveillance system. In addition, the successful project created the basis for extending the security network to the entire rail network, including stations.

The collaboration with the customer was also enriching for Axis. The new order was a further development of the partnership with Ruf Telematik for the installation in the SBB traffic network.

For the public transportation sector, local mass transit, network cameras are extremely suitable. They deliver high image quality and are cost-effective to install, the security personnel can access the image material easily.

Sven Schraven, responsible for product management and VisiWeb project leader at Ruf Telematik, said, “With Axis, we've found a reliable partner which offers sound technology, simple assembly and full configuration and maintenance of the cameras. It was particularly important to us that they are network cameras, because analog technology will also die out in the environment of public transport.”

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