With In-House Capabilities, Tiandy Looks for Strategic Partners

With In-House Capabilities, Tiandy Looks for Strategic Partners
Tianjin Tiandy Digital Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 1994, with 15 years of professional experience manufacturing speed domes, fiber optic transceivers, matrices and cameras. Recently, Tiandy is ready to launch an entry-level DVR to provide more overall and integrated portfolios to partners in China as well as worldwide. A&S talks to Francis Jing, Manager of International Department at Tiandy, about the most innovative fiber optic transceiver — TC-FD4013NTR — and Tiandy's overseas strategies.

In China, there are increasingly more manufacturers providing fiber optic transceivers for communications and security applications. With lowering the cost of fiber, more users would adopt fiber-related products into their projects. In a rugged environment with a scarcity of infrastructure or on an easy-to-use basis, fiber becomes more appealing to installers for its fast transmission speed, along with its vast and multiple data capacities. This background gives Chinese manufacturers the perfect grounds to manufacture products and respond quickly to market demands.

Tianjin Tiandy Digital Technology Co., Ltd. is the pioneer among professional fiber optic transceiver providers in China. With 15 years of experience in the security industry, Tiandy offers the market the most reliable fiber optic transceivers.

Innovative 10-bit Series — TC-FD4013NTR
Tiandy's TC-FD4013 NTR, launched in 2008, is the company's latest series. This series features 10-bit digitally encoded video transmission over one multimode or singlemode optical fiber. It is compatible with NTSC, PAL and SECAM camera systems and supports RS-485, RS-422 and RS-232 data protocols. With a plug-and-play design, this product ensures an ease of use for installation and operation purposes. TC-FD4013 NTR also features LED indicators for promptly monitoring system performance.

This series not only provides stand alone, but also offers rack mounting. With Tiandy's 19 inch rack-mount card cage, users can access up to 14 module slots. This function is designed for industrial and large security applications, based on user's requirements.

Ensuring Stability
"Tiandy has an R&D team, with a total of over 100 engineers, many of which develop fiber optic transceivers," said Francis Jing, Manager of International Department at Tiandy. "Additionally, there is also a production line for fiber optic products backed with an experienced staff and inspectors. All products shipped overseas are strictly inspected before they are sent."

With professional testing equipments for fiber optic transceivers, such as the VM-700 series video analyzer, Tiandy offers the industry the most reliable fiber optic transceivers. Taking its sample product as an example, engineers will inspect all specifications for two weeks. It relieves user concerns as many have little experience or contact with professional equipment.

When it comes to the PCB board, Tiandy has its own SMT machine to enhance stability. "We double check PCB boards," added Jing. "Not only to inspect them when PCB boards are fitted into the hard case, but also beforehand. Afterwards, we run a 48-hour aging procedure and highand low- temperature testing to ensure the product's stability."

Moreover, because fiber optic transceivers are usually applied in a rugged environment, temperature and weather conditions have to be taken into consideration. To this end, Tiandy developed three designs to ensure product stability. "The first design deals with communication at the port front," said Jing, "RS-485 port is considered the most common port in the market. To prevent damaging of communication ports from thunder and static, we take a few critical measures — resistance to electricity (this function can divert a maximum 3,000 volts to only 150 volts and without disrupting the product's functions) and electric current protection. Secondly, video port protection uses transient voltage suppressor (TVS) to function even when the current is 30 times higher. Lastly, our designs ensure power supply protection."

All these measures have lowered the overall product malfunction rate. Generally speaking, malfunction percentage at Tiandy does not exceed 0.03%.

Overseas Strategies
Fiber optic transceivers are usually regarded as an optional device in a system. Tiandy's fiber optic transceiver, therefore, is focused on being user friendly and easy to adjust, free of software support, and have plug-and-play characteristics. "This is perfect for the overseas market as applications overseas are relatively smaller than those in China," said Jing. "Meanwhile, we train our overseas sales teams to be technically oriented. All new employees must take training courses for eight weeks. Through strict training courses, our sales teams provide suitable products and solutions for our overseas customers."

Meanwhile, Tiandy only cooperates with partners who have their own technical engineers. Tiandy offers training courses and helps them better understand the products so that they can promptly solve their customers' problems. Jing pointed out that in this respect, Tiandy is not satisfied with only playing the OEM partner role. With in-house R&D capabilities, Tiandy constantly looks for strategic partners. Tiandy is capable of providing customization in order to meet different overseas applications.

"To provide better products and better services has always been Tiandy's goal," Jing added. "Tiandy's portfolios offer an extensive range of products — more than 100 models, along with our experienced sales team to provide the most suitable solutions for our customers."

In 2009, Tiandy continues to provide more high quality affordable products, including a wide range of IP solutions — network speed domes, network cameras, matrix systems and DVRs. In spite of the global recession, Tiandy still invests much in R&D while most manufacturers cut down on R&D investment. Tiandy plans to launch a series of new products in 2009, such as node fiber optic transceivers for highway applications, convergence mode fiber optic transceivers, PC-based networking fiber optic management software and fiber optic transceivers integrated with matrix systems.

With these innovations, Jing is confident that, this year, Tiandy's overseas market share can grow from 35 percent to 50 percent. If you are interested in Tiandy's products, please visit at SecuTech Taipei at booth M503 (April 22 to 24, 2009).
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