SightLogix Ships US$1.66 Million Homeland Security Contract

SightLogix, maker of automated outdoor surveillance products for high-value/high-consequence infrastructure protection, delivered a US$1.66 million U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) contract for the 2008 DHS Commercial Equipment Direct Assistance Program (CEDAP). As part of the contract, the CEDAP program has provided SightLogix' long-range, wireless perimeter surveillance and scene monitoring Rapid Deployment Kit, along with product training and technical support to public safety agencies across the nation.

"We're pleased to be selected as the only automated surveillance manufacturer for the CEDAP program, providing this important capability to the frontline of our nation's homeland defense,” said John Romanowich, SightLogix President and CEO. “Having personally met the CEDAP recipients, I was struck by the dedication and passion for security that these law enforcement professionals bring to our communities. The DHS CEDAP program exemplifies how partnership between private sector innovation and federal initiatives can lead to greater security for our nation."

New Jersey Representative Rush Holt (Democrat), who serves on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence and is the Chairman of the Select Intelligence Oversight Panel, said "I recognize SightLogix' accomplishments as a Central New Jersey company providing security surveillance equipment for the responder community through this DHS contract."

"As a leader in converged network security, Cisco understands the critical need to support public safety organizations with cooperative, IP-based tools that interoperate seamlessly,” said Bill Stuntz, VP and GM of Cisco's physical security business unit. “By offering an integrated video and security package built on open standards, DHS strengthens local jurisdictions' abilities to share and analyze intelligence and take appropriate security precautions. We're proud to support these efforts through the CEDAP program."

SightLogix' automated outdoor surveillance solutions have been deployed around the world to meet the serious outdoor security needs of the transportation, energy, utility, chemical, information technology, public safety and defense industries.

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