QNAP Unveils World's First NVR with Multiserver Monitoring

 QNAP Unveils World's First NVR with Multiserver Monitoring

QNAP Security announced a new firmware version 2.8 for its entire VioStor NVR series (VioStor-101/ 201/ 5020) to support the world's first innovative multi-server monitoring. By the firmware update, the VioStor NVR becomes a highly expandable network surveillance system which is capable of monitoring up to 120 channels simultaneously.

"We are more than excited to unveil the new firmware for our VioStor NVR series," remarked by Jacky Cheng, Senior Product Manager of QNAP. “The multiserver monitoring function is a significant technology breakthrough in the network surveillance industry. By upgrading the firmware on one single VioStor NVR, our users can add other QNAP NVR servers regardless of their physical locations and monitor the channels. There is no need to install any other software and no complicated configuration is required.

"More importantly, a maximum of 120 IP-based cameras can be monitored on a standalone server with this embedded feature,” Cheng said. “The scale of the network surveillance is boundlessly expanded by grouping the multiple NVR servers together for simultaneous monitoring."

The VioStor NVR firmware includes support for 15 alarm recording schedules and new IP camera models. Other features include localized Web-based interfaces in Polish, Korean, and Portuguese.

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