South Korea Awards ICx Technologies Military Contract

ICx Technologies, a developer of sensor technologies for homeland security, force protection and commercial applications, announced ICx Analytical Instruments, a business unit of ICx Technologies, was awarded a multiyear contract worth up to US$40 million.

The contract is for the development of a chemical and biological mass spectrometer (CBMS) for use in military reconnaissance vehicles. ICx Analytical Instruments will work jointly with ICx BioDefense to deliver a premium-class biological and chemical detection system. The CBMS system will be capable of detecting both chemical and biological warfare agents, and the first phase of the contract is a development effort.

"This contract is an important milestone for ICx Technologies. The award validates our technical approach and positions ICx as a provider in field-ready mass spectrometry,” said Dennis Barket, President of ICx Analytical Instruments. "The KCBMS will be based on the Griffin 450 mass spectrometry platform.”

ICx will partner with Seoul-based Hankuk Communication, through Tradeways, based in Annapolis, Maryland, to introduce a superior product into the South Korean military market.

Hankuk Communication Company is a provider of chemical and biological equipment to the South Korean military, and will serve as the prime contractor for the project.

"Terrorism and asymmetric warfare are global problems, and we are pleased that the quality of our sensors and solutions are being recognized on an international level,” said Hans Kobler, CEO of the company. “It also strongly validates the strength of our mass spectrometers, their capabilities, and the power of our Chem/Bio business units.”

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