Analytics Company Salient Stills Reports Positive Sales and Customer Results for 2008

Salient Stills, a video forensics and image enhancement software company, reported positive 2008 sales, profitability and customer results. With U.S. sales steady throughout last year, the company benefited from new distribution partner relationships and significant sales in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East, as overseas law enforcement agencies more readily adopted Salient Stills' innovative video forensics systems.

More specifically, Salient Stills reported:

*A year end profit increase of 100 percent
*36 percent more new customers, as compared to new customers in 2007
*Continued expansion of its developer network in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East, to address rising demand overseas
*First sales in four new countries, bringing the total to customers in 21 countries
*The addition of two new distributors in the U.S.
*Expansion of sales in more Western and Midwestern states, bringing the total to customers in 31 U.S. states
*The development and shipment of the significantly upgraded and improved VideoFOCUS v3.0

"VideoFOCUS v3.0 was our most robust upgrade to date, so we anticipated it would do well even in a weakened economy, but we were somewhat surprised by the uptick in global demand," said Laura Teodosio, President and CEO of Salient Stills.. “Overseas orders ramped up from the beginning of the year and continued through the end of last quarter. The U.S. continues to represent a very large market for us, while foreign sales now account for a significant percentage of our revenue.”

"Video forensics adoption overseas is being driven by the same factors as in the U.S. — the proliferation of crime scene video; the disparate and proprietary systems that make it difficult to capture, process and analyze video; and the increasing embrace of helpful technology by more tech-savvy law enforcement agencies,” Teodosio said. “While economic conditions may be weak in the near term, investigative workloads continue to grow and generate demand for our VideoFOCUS and VFSource forensics and capture systems."

Widely used by local, state, national and international law enforcement agencies, VideoFOCUS and VFSource are available from Salient Stills and a global network of resellers.

About Salient Stills
Founded in 1997, Salient Stills is a video forensics and image enhancement software company. Salient Stills introduced its technology to answer the need for an efficient and effective video image enhancement solution. VideoFOCUS Pro and VF Source are video forensics solutions in use by law enforcement, security and military and intelligence agencies. For more information, please visit

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