Identita Announces Powered Card Expansion Plans on Successful Approval of Financing Facility

Identita, The Powered Card provider of cross platform access, authorization and identity management solutions, announces the expansion of its RAMP production line in Barbados after a growth financing facility was approved through New Solutions Financial Corporation.

"New Solutions is helping us achieve our long term goals. By expanding our production line in Barbados we will continue supporting current customer demand and new powered card initiatives in the future. Our new line will produce over 4 million powered cards per month which will put us into the desirable position of being the only company in the world able to maintain such throughput.” said President Archie Cuke of Identita Technologies International.

"One of the most exciting aspects is the work that we have been doing with Prodotec (a subsidiary of Prodomax Automation). Sab Ravalli and his team there have been instrumental in the co-development and success of the RAMP process. Going forward, our teams combined will make for an unbeatable delivery model for the embedded electronics industry.” said Rocky Stefano, CEO of Identita Technologies.

"Identita is an explosive company with innovative products and a management team that knows what the market wants. We were impressed with their vision for the future and look forward to working with them.” said Robert Brown, VP of New Solutions Financial Corporation.

About Identita
With research and development facilities in Canada and its international offices in Barbados, Identita creates identity management solutions involving hardware tokens and client server application software. Identita's EchoSystem platform is a multi-token aware identity management back-end with a complete suite of application modules to meet the requirements of virtually all verticals. Identita has developed unique proprietary handshake protocols to counter phishing, man-in-the-middle and man-in-the-browser attacks, using Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and digital certificates. Identita currently manufactures an acoustic one-time password (OTP) smart card, an OTP display card (embedded, flexible display on the front of the smart card), and will soon release biometric and GPS cards. Identita's solution goes beyond traditional smart card implementation. Its credit card-sized format enables the inclusion of other technologies, such as magnetic stripe, proximity chips, EMV chips, bar code, RFID and picture ID.

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