Quortek Acquires HomeSecurityForums.net

Quortek, a supplier in home security systems announce its acquisition of Home Security Forums and will continue serving individuals and business owners across the United States.

Quortek is a provider of “Protect Your Home” security systems for more homeowners and businesses in America. Its equipment and ADT monitoring services offer innovative, user-friendly solutions to deter burglars, minimize intruder confrontation and warn of smoke and heat from fires.

The company offers several specialized features that make it easier to use the security system and help people feel more secure because of added protection. It stands to reason that a home or business owner would want to know their families and property are safe in the hands of their protection services provider. System components include a central control panel that manages the entire system from one convenient location, pet-friendly motion sensors and instant two-way communication with security representatives around the clock.

For more in depth needs multiple video surveillance cameras can be installed anywhere on premises and the live feed viewed on monitors on location or via a secure Web site from anywhere in the world. It enables business owners to monitor the activities of their employees, especially in areas where money is normally handled.

People with a predisposition for medical situations can take advantage of the medical alert feature. One of the most recent upgrades to the technology is the revolutionary key pad system that allows entry into the home or facility simply by waving the tag in front of the touch pad mounted on the entrance wall. This is ideal for children and anyone that does not need to know a security code. It can also be programmed for entry within restricted hours for service personnel and babysitters.

For more information, see the Quortek line of home security systems and services at www.quortek.com.

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