Motorola Supplies Abu Dhabi Police Force with Real-Time Video Surveillance

Motorola, a provider in the development and deployment of mission critical communication solutions, announced a contract win with the Abu Dhabi police force, to provide an end to end wireless mobile video surveillance solution for the force's vehicles and personnel. The contract, which will be signed at IDEX 2009, will see Motorola supplying the latest from its MOTOA4 mission critical portfolio and delivering innovative and reliable wireless solutions.

The new service will enable control room operators to interact with the video system that delivers real time streaming of video from police vehicles and personnel, in contrast to previous solutions that used recorded video. Not only will the service allow live streaming of video, it will also provide local recording of high resolution video. The recorded video will allow future investigation and analysis of footage by the police and assist in solving crimes. The videos can also be presented as evidence in a court of law. Videos sent from the vehicles and personnel will be made available to the five command and control centers throughout the Abu Dhabi and Mussafah area. To aid the police further, mobile command and control will also be provided. Motorola is delivering the solution with their UAE authorized distributor Safeer Integrated Systems.

Motorola's advanced suite of applications deliver actionable, accurate, real-time information from the field to the command room. The new contract will enable the Abu Dhabi police force to respond to situations as they happen and make decisions on the basis of the information fed back in real time. A core aspect of the new contract is the provision of the MotoLocator service, the primary purpose of which is to provide location-based video surveillance from police in the field back to the control room. The service, which also shows all the force vehicles on a map, will enable control room operators and management to have real-time knowledge of what is happening in the field and allow them to respond on that basis.

"We're excited to have been selected to provide the deployment of this cutting edge technology to the Abu Dhabi police force," said Manuel Torres, VP and GM, Motorola Government and Public Safety, EMEA. "At Motorola we pride ourselves on delivering ultra reliable mission critical communications anywhere and at anytime. We hope the strong relationship we have with the Abu Dhabi force grows and deepens in the future."

The new video system can also be used to cost effectively connect other applications used by the Abu Dhabi police, including fixed camera installations, automated speed tracking of vehicles, facial recognition and automatic number plate recognition. In the future, national ID, electronic passports and fingerprint reading capabilities will be added.

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