Fluidmesh Forges Partnership with Solis Energy

Fluidmesh Networks, a manufacturer of wireless systems for security applications based on mesh networking technology, is teaming up with Solis Energy, a provider of alternative outdoor power sources, to deliver a solid solution for remote solar and intermittent power applications.

The partnership makes perfect sense since Fluidmesh's wireless capabilities can be expanded with the use of an alternative energy source. Both the Fluidmesh 2200 and the Fluidmesh 1100 are power-friendly and only require 10W of power, making them am ideal fit for solar applications. Solis Energy's solar generator allows the flexibility for a mesh network to be deployed almost anywhere.

Solis Energy is a global provider of reliable, continuous outdoor power generation and connectivity equipment for low-wattage applications. Headed by seasoned executives and engineers savvy in the critical infrastructure and high reliability demands of the telecommunications industry, Solis Energy products are built to withstand extreme conditions and designed to be "installer friendly" for error-free, in-field set-up. The company, based in Altamonte Springs, Florida, was founded in 2005.

"Our goal is to provide customers with reliable, constant power for those situations where there is no local power available or where existing power is unreliable," said Solis Energy's founder and CEO Robert Reynolds. "Many designers and integrators look at an installation site and fit the Fluidmesh gear where the site allows. With our solar, lightpole power taps and power bridges, they can put the equipment where it provides the best throughput and reliability."

"Wireless mesh networks are easy to deploy and offer a far more reliable and cost-effective surveillance solution than traditional wireless solutions," added Cosimo Malesci, co-founder and VP of Fluidmesh. "We're very pleased to partner our technology with that of Solis Energy to deliver even more benefits to the end-user."

Fluidmesh Networks

Fluidmesh Networks is the global leader in wireless systems for security and mission-critical applications based on mesh networking technology. The company is focused on the development of superior quality wireless products for a wide array of video surveillance applications. Founded by a team of researchers and engineers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Cambridge, Massachusetts and the Politecnico of Milan in Italy, Fluidmesh Networks serves its customers worldwide from its headquarters in Boston, and its European office in Milan, Italy. For more information, please go to www.fluidmesh.com.

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