Basler Network Cameras Support LuxRiot Management Software

Basler Vision Technologies has teamed with LuxRiot to present their combined solution for IP video surveillance management. All Basler IP megapixel camera models are supported by LuxRiot's IP video surveillance management software.
Customers can choose from five different LuxRiot versions, ranging from Personal to Enterprise. The versions vary in the number of allowed cameras and remote client connections, as well as in some features. They all have the same user-friendly interface and are upgradeable from a lower to a higher version. On the camera side, customers can choose from three different models with one to two megapixel resolutions. A bundle of the latest technologies tailors these cameras for excellent image quality and outstanding reliability. Customers can also benefit from the flexibility of their image compression abilities.

"The integration with LuxRiot is another puzzle piece in our continuous efforts to increase the number of compatible software products. LuxRiot is an experienced company offering a user-friendly software product and great service. It is a pleasure to work with them", states Gerrit Schreiber, Product Manager, Basler Vision Technologies. "We are more than excited to add support for the Basler megapixel cameras," says Frank Calipari, LuxRiot's Sales and Account Manager. "Our technical team finds that Basler's device can be easily managed by any end user. The device is extraordinarily compact without any restrictions in terms of video quality or video resolution. We are looking forward to working with Basler and their distributors to realize end user solutions."

About Basler:

Basler Vision Technologies ( is a leading German manufacturer of digital cameras for industrial, medical, and traffic system applications, as well as for the video surveillance market. Basler has more than 20 years of experience in image processing. We have designed and manufactured high quality digital cameras for over 10 years. Our products are world famous for excellent image quality, high reliability, ease of use, and ease of integration.

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